Find, reach, & engage digital audiences, understand digital behaviours, & develop a digitally literate culture.

We take a holistic view and consider digital as one strand of an effective overall audience development plan. With so much you could do, our expert team will help you to focus on what really matters and, in doing so, will ensure your digital activity has maximum impact.

We can help you to:

  • Develop a comprehensive digital audience development strategy. Map your current digital maturity, identify opportunity areas and develop a clear roadmap.
  • Understand your audiences’ digital behaviours. Using primary research, we’ll uncover how your audiences are using digital devices and platforms and how they connect digitally with your organisation.
  • Develop a meaningful measurement framework. Understand and measure how your digital activity is contributing to your objectives.
  • Work more effectively to reach and engage audiences. Reach, engage and activate audiences and understand how to use digital to drive specific actions.
  • Use digital to more effectively manage your assets and optimise their value. Research and develop new solutions and services and increase revenue and profits.

1. Digital Strategy Development

Most cultural and heritage organisations find that having a specific digital strategy helps them to ensure that digital channels and technologies are used in the most meaningful way possible, resulting in the greatest impact.

Our team can collaborate with you to produce a digital strategy that aligns with your overall organisational objectives and is clear about the priorities for both your outward facing activity and your internal development. The digital strategy development process can help to identify key missing practical skills within teams and provide a roadmap to develop an organisation that is more digitally literate across all departments.

We have worked to develop digital strategies with organisations of all shapes and sizes, including Forced Entertainment, Barnsley Museums, Polka Theatre, Kent Music and Dorset History Centre. Whatever your organisation, we can tailor our work to fit your needs.

2. Understand your audiences' digital behaviours

We can help you to understand exactly how, when and why your audiences use digital platforms and whether your digital activity matches audience motivation and intent.

For example, what role does your social media activity have? Does their behaviour change depending on their age or profile? How can you best provide for online only audiences? Read about our work with The National Gallery to get an idea of the kind of help we can offer.

3. Digital Engagement

We can provide advice and guidance on how to use digital channels to grow your existing audiences or reach new ones. Whether in relation to a specific project or as part of your ongoing work, we will provide a fresh perspective, digital expertise and in-depth understanding of audience development, to help you develop an effective approach.

We have worked to build digital engagement with a wide variety of organisations of all shapes and sizes, including Music in the Round, Museums Sheffield and The Marlowe Theatre.

4. Developing digital content that resonates

Increasingly the digital content that you create and share is one of the main ways in which organisations engage with audiences online. Whether via your website, social media channels or other digital platforms, understanding the true impact of your content is hugely valuable.

We can give you deep insights into how existing and potential audiences relate to your content, what perception it gives them of your organisation, whether it helps to cement their loyalty, or encourages them to take certain actions, such as buying a ticket, visiting your venue or heritage site, or signing up to your newsletter. Read about our work with English Heritage to get an idea of the kind of help we can offer.

5. Evaluating online impact

Due to the myriad of different analytics tools employed across each platform and channel, evaluating the impact of your online activity can be difficult. We are experts in digital metrics so whether you want to develop a meaningful measurement framework to help with your monitoring and reporting or understand the impact of your online activity on a project basis, we can help. Read about our work with Art UK to get an idea of the kind of help we can offer.

6. Training & Mentoring

Whether you need a one-off training workshop on a specific digital topic, ongoing mentoring and support or a series of webinars, we can help. We have delivered hundreds of training sessions to organisations of all different sizes across the UK and internationally.

Example topics include developing a digital strategy, getting the most out of social media, an introduction to paid social media advertising, developing a digital metrics framework, beginners and intermediate Google Analytics. Read about our work with The British Council in South America to get an idea of the kind of help we can offer and explore our events to see the sort of online training we're currently providing.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help you to overcome your digital content, engagement and evaluation challenges.