Delving into Audience Finder ticketing data to understand the impact of Covid on venue incomes.

This regularly updated set of reports uses Audience Finder data trends to summarise sales information, including what the sector is missing in terms of income and audiences through lockdown. Check in to the Evidence Hub for more sector-wide reports and updates.

Revenue Tracker Dashboard

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This dashboard shares sales data from Audience Finder in an interactive format that makes it easier to focus on and compare the art forms, audiences and time-periods that you are most interested in.

Explore the data interactively

Baseline Report

The Baseline Report provides a summary of what ticket sales look like in a typical theatre year, taken from averages from 2017-2019.

Download the baseline report

Five Years of Sales

This brief summary shows an overview of Audience Finder sales data over the last five financial years (2015/16 to 2019/20).

See the five year summary

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