Workshops, benchmarking, & research to help you identify & implement the right strategies for success.

Vision framework workshop

A workshop with key decision-makers to imagine potential futures for your organisation, maintaining your core values and responding to changewith support to help you turn this into a roadmap.

From £1,500

Business model canvas workshop

A workshop with staff across your organisation using the business model canvas to brainstorm new business models and sharpen old ones with additional support to help you develop your thinking after the workshop.

From £1,500

Financial benchmarking to inform your business model

Identifying a cohort of comparable organisations, researching and analysing their accounts and other financial performance data – and using these as evidence to base future projections and investment choices.

From £2,000

Audience demand research to inform your business model

Analysis of existing audiences and wider potential market in the catchment area, including segmentation by cultural consumption and wider consumer behaviour.

£225-£675 per module

“We’ve had an excellent experience with the resilience workshops. Sophia and Katherine were incredibly helpful and have opened our eyes to possibilities going forward. We will certainly be recommending the training to others.”

Lindsey Bavin, Museum Curator, True’s Yard

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Image of Assets & Enterprise
Assets & Enterprise

We can help you discover assets & potential for enterprise you may not have considered before.

Image of Organisational Structures
Organisational Structures

We help you analyse & review your current organisational structure to ensure you're compliant and maximising opportunity.