Let's Go Global


Work completed January to March 2014



Outline brief & objectives

Lets Go Global approached the Audience Agency in early 2014 with a brief to provide tactical marketing and research services for their upcoming Big Digital Project. Programmed as part of Manchester Histories Festival and FutureEverything 2014, this free, family friendly event showcased sound and light projections, created by local communities across Manchester. Lets Go Global asked us to deliver a marketing campaign which would target audiences from all ten Greater Manchester authorities, with a specific focus on raising the profile of the event to families and young people. They required research and evaluation to be undertaken at both small scale events that took place in communities across Manchester and at their finale event, which took place in Albert Square in central Manchester. The aim of this being to gain an understanding participant’s experiences of the event.




Lets Go Global are a small organisation, with one staff member undertaking all marketing and communication work. They felt that the Audience Connect team had a wider reach and resources that would enable them to develop their marketing campaign further.

Programme of work

The Audience Connect team provided both print distribution and digital marketing activities in the run up to the event. This included:

  • Print distribution on both our leaflet rack and grassroots network. This included sites such as Libraries, Tourist Information Centres and Arts & Attractions in central and south Manchester. The sites chosen meant that the print would be seen by a wide range of audiences, including young people, families and also community groups. Print included in our racks at Manchester Piccadilly train station was the ideal location to attract those from the area as well as further afield. Targeted poster distribution raised the profile of the event further.
  • An inclusion in our Go See E-newsletter which was sent to 5000 subscribers across Greater Manchester, who have registered a specific interest in arts, culture and days out. With a higher than industry average click through and open rate, this proved a cost effective way of bringing The Big Digital Project to a wider audience.
  • An article in our Family Friendly e-newsletter, which was sent to 6000 subscribed families across the North West.
  • Half a day’s social seeding work was completed also. This involved event details being posted on highly visible online platforms, which targeted relevant audiences in the places where they interact online.


Work carried out by the Research team at the Audience Agency included:

  • Data was collected through a comprehensive questionnaire being conducted at the events by Audience Agency trained field-workers.
  • Subsequent evaluation of the questionnaire was then carried out and the Audience Agency provided a report which detailed demographics, satisfaction as well as attender motivation. The report also presented measure reach (maps illustrating where participants live.) The evaluation found that the Big Digital Project events were successful in engaging participants and attenders from all ten Greater Manchester local authority areas and that the event was well received.


  • Lets Go Global were able to carry out targeted distribution across the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester and valued being able to have control over where the print was circulated. The evaluation carried out at the event showed that The Big Digital Project events were successful in engaging participants and attenders from across the 10 boroughs.
  • Lets Go Global felt that they were able to achieve a balance between increasing audience figures and attracting participants from across the ten boroughs.
  • After the social seeding work had been completed, Lets Go Global were able to notice an increase in visitors to their Eventbrite page and an increase in ticket sales to the event. To add to this, they felt that postings it on the sites that the Audience Agency had access to gave the event further credibility, as did using the recognised Go See This and Family Friendly brands.
  • The evaluation report that was completed by the Audience Agency, enabled Lets Go Global to see how their audience found out about the event and are now able to use this research for forthcoming marketing campaigns. Quotes taken from participants regarding what they enjoyed most about the events will also be used to inform future event planning.


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