Whether you love or hate the term ‘resilience’
...whether you think it’s a useful idea or not
...whatever it means to you (and even if it means nothing to you)
...we want to hear your thoughts!

Arts Council England has commissioned innovation agency Golant Media Ventures* and The Audience Agency to explore what resilience means to the arts and cultural sector, and how resilience can be built in future. These discussions will help inform developments – ranging from policy to grant-giving – over the next 10 years. Whilst this review is working alongside the ‘public conversation’ around the Arts Council’s next ten-year strategy review, the two are separate and we would encourage you to engage with both.

We will be asking:

  • What sort of support arts and culture organisations will need in order to build resilience in the future
  • What ‘resilience’ means to the arts and culture sector in England today
  • Where organisations are succeeding in becoming more resilient – and how they’re doing it
  • What insight and inspiration can be drawn from other countries and fields of study

We will be doing this through:

  • A literature review
  • A survey
  • Workshops across England to engage stakeholders in the arts and culture sector
  • ‘Sense-making sessions’ to share and get feedback on our conclusions

Our survey is now closed. The next stage of the project is the facilitate workshops across England, which is already drawing out interesting discussions on the topic of resilience.

If you have any queries about the project, or about our work in general, please feel free to email our research team.

* Golant Media Ventures is now known as Golant Innovation as of October 2019.