Across the sector there's been a paucity of knowledge about the characteristics and behaviours of individuals who give at low level to arts and cultural organisations. Challenges in this area are to do with the quality and quantity of data, how and what is collected and where data sits in the organisation. Even organisations who have member schemes and know a lot them have gaps in their understanding of what else their members do, in particular other memberships held and other causes they donate to. The insights from this new research address key aspects of member and donor behaviour including retention, frequency and recency of engagement, crossover, churn, ticket yield and motivations for giving. Our Donor Finder programme aims to make the most of the approach and infrastructure we have created for Audience Finder linking intelligence about donors and members to help us understand who has propensity to give and under what circumstances. Products combine tailored research and data solutions with expert consultancy to enable organisations to put insight into action.

Our collaborators on this work have been Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy who have been working with The Audience Agency on the research and delivering training.