From Them To Us was a programme devised for CultureHive that explored the role of leaders and leadership styles in actively encouraging rich, multidimensional relationships with diverse audiences and the wider public.

It looked at how leaders are effecting a change towards ‘audience focus’, a term used as shorthand to describe a more democratic and engaged culture. The programme combined research and a leadership programme of workshops, which enabled 12 cultural leaders to reflect on and develop their own approach.

What we found out

In summary, we reached the conclusion that many practitioners in the cultural sector lead in a distinctively inclusive way, which favours access, equality and audience focus. These leaders have a vision to connect with broad and diverse audiences. They take steps to understand a wide range of perspectives, take creative inspiration from that understanding, and are committed to making change as a result. We frame their approach as ‘inclusive leadership’.

Although all have their own approach, they share beliefs, values and leadership behaviours which seem new to the cultural sector. Their approach creates a positive organisational culture, re-orientates organisations around their public role, and builds thriving, more diverse audiences.

From Them To Us

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From Them to Us Interviews:

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From Them to Us - HRP.pdf
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