Looking to understand how your audiences develop over time?

Understanding who your existing audiences are is the first stage in the Audience Development planning cycle. Importantly this insight can be transformative when understood by organisation wide teams, informing decisions at a strategic level across marketing, programming, commercial and fundraising.

Facilitated by one of our experienced consultants, these workshops offer your team a deeper level of insight than the In-Practice sessions and will be delivered in a half-day workshop based in your organisation.

This workshop can help if you are:

  • Beginning a process of developing an Audience Development Strategy or reviewing an existing one.
  • Developing a new business plan or large-scale funding application.
  • New to a role and would like to understand more about your organisation’s audiences and share this information with colleagues

What does the workshop include?

  • A guided walk through your audience data, collected via Audience Finder (survey and ticketing) and through other bespoke research you may have undertaken with us.
  • Looking back at historical data you have collected via Audience Finder, we will explore any changes in audiences and why these may have occurred. We will also draw on benchmarks to see if your audiences follow national, regional and artform trends.
  • If you’ve opted for an additional Area Profile Report we will explore your local population and levels of engagement in the context of your organisation and your objectives.
  • Through workshop activities and discussion, we’ll begin to explore how this insight could be used for your organisation and representative teams and provide you with a set of next steps to enable you to continue to build audience insight across the organisation.

What will your outcomes be?

  • Improve your ability to evaluate data

    Put your data to better use to for fill organisational goals and objectives.

  • Set out aims for building / improving an audience development strategy

    Create an approach based on what you can learn from your data.

  • Analyse how your data has changed

    Compare trends and look to understand the reasons why.

  • Learn how to benchmark your data

    Learn strategies of how to benchmark your data against other organisations and the population.

Price | £550 +VAT

(Travel costs are charged in addition)