The Audience Agency and Family Arts Campaign are joining forces to help understand, embrace and engage family audiences.

August 30, 2018

The Audience Agency are long-term members of the Family Arts Campaign consortium and we have collaborated on various investigations into how cultural organisations can successfully engage families. We hope that the partnership will drive an increased collective responsibility across the sector to capture and share data on family audiences, to help us enhance current understanding of family audiences and their needs and behaviours." – Anna Dever, Family Arts Campaign Manager

The Audience Agency is a long-time supporter of The Family Arts Campaign and this year we’re working more closely together to increase our understanding of family audiences by co-ordinating research and data on families gathered through Audience Finder.

Our research shows that establishing and meeting the right expectations is essential to attracting both first time and repeat family audiences. Parents and carers are well-networked and bad word spreads fast. Addressing their planning needs with clear signposting is key to success and that includes well-trained staff and a consistent family focus throughout the experience, from marketing to meal deals. The Family Arts Standards are a great way to benchmark your activity across all areas of the family experience. Feedback from family groups, in their own words, also helps to identify where and how your programme, facilities, staff, communications and more are or aren’t working.

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