Having a clear organisational roadmap is crucial to continuing success & delivering your bottom line.

Options Analysis

Through desk research, one-on-one discussions and workshops we can help you:

  • Understand your current strategic context
  • Be aware of the full range of governance options and business models available
  • Develop a framework for assessing those options

We help services considering whether to move out of a local authority; groups of organisations considering merging; non-profits that need to evolve their structures to be more enterprising and organisations in receipt of NLHF funding supporting resilience.

Invite us to respond to a brief or discuss what you need.

Partnership and Networks Development

We can help you at all stages of partnership development, from considering your options to convening and facilitating a group of potential partners, to supporting the reworking and development of an existing partnership. This work can include:

  • Situation analysis
  • Negotiating alignment of aims – and detailed collaboration agreements
  • Developing the argument and evidence for the business case
  • Development of shared services (systems or procurement)

Invite us to respond to a brief or discuss what you need.