This new and exciting initiative by the British Council comes at a time when cultural delivery, collaboration and mobility are being re-invented. 27 organisations successfully applied to the British Council's pilot fund offering grants to UK-based arts organisations, partnering with selected Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries. The grant's purpose is to support the sector in its response to increased travel restrictions due to the global pandemic and the need for more sustainable, climate-friendly approaches to future ways of working internationally.

The Audience Agency will evaluate each project’s partnership, legacy opportunities, digital accessibility, and skills and capacity building. This will inform the British Council’s ongoing work to champion innovative digital cultural relations through arts collaborations.

"We are looking forward to working with the British Council on the evaluation of such an important initiative. Coming at a time when cultural organisations are having to re-examine the way they operate internationally, it will be fascinating to see how digital methods can facilitate fruitful artistic collaborations around the world."

Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant, International

More about the British Council's Digital Collaboration Fund

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