1. Keep building your digital offer

  • 75% anticipate continue of doing more (33%) in future
  • Digital engagement greatly increased but not widened access
  • HAS attracted a next generation, culture-interested
  • Younger, more ethnically diverse
  • Immersive-participatory (hybrid, social experiences)
  • Many organisations winding down their digital offers
  • Keep things regular, short
  • Fragmented opportunity: join up/ scale

2. Get to know your younger audiences

  • Younger audiences are less risk averse
  • Show increased appetite to engage (than pre?)
  • An opportunity to experiment (esp hybrids)
  • Build in feedback/ co-creative –curatorial
  • Good news for metropolitan galleries
  • Those with children the most keen to get out
  • Big successes with learning/ curriculum online

3. Enable social participation for wellbeing

  • Participation “good for my wellbeing”
  • Social opportunities popular and linked to wellbeing
  • People across demographics interested
    in participatory activities online
  • Participation practitioners successfully used
    digital to increase and extend engagement
  • Co-creation practitioners
    are at high risk

​4. Build a 'cause'

  • COVID has increased the numbers and extent to which people think of culture as a “good cause”
  • The numbers of those willing to support cultural organisations has slightly increased
  • People think the cultural sector has deserved extra support
  • Make sure your MPs know!

5. Keep being flexible and visitor centred

  • COVID demonstrated that we could be more user-centred
  • Refunds and flexible booking top measure
  • At-seat ordering, additional “Your Visit” information
  • Top-rated benefit for digital “when I want to”
  • Going outdoors – “20% expect to do more”
  • Embed better access for disabled visitors: digital, physical
  • Convenience as a hygiene factor
  • Expectations may have changed

6. Go Local

  • Nearly 40% audiences said they would be doing cultural activities more locally in future (lower museums)
  • 90% of “work from homers” will continue
  • More likely high engaged groups
  • Are regular visitors before and during Lockdown
  • Tend younger or to have children
  • Keen interest to return
  • New campaigns and offers
  • New partnerships to boost local connections and identity