The Audience Agency held three Audience Finder insight briefing events (in London, Liverpool and Leicester) from January 2017 - March 2017.

The events focused on debates around future-proofing our audiences. Anne Torregianni, CEO of The Audience Agency began each event with the presentation 'From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: addressing the audience age gap'. Anne discussed trends that suggest the average age of the audience is increasing, while the tastes of younger generations are changing.

Download 'From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: addressing the audience age gap'

Guest Speakers:

London | Rich Mix
Callum McGeoch - Publishing Director, Livity
Callum presented insights on how younger generations engage with culture. Download his talk Introducing Generation Z and find more information on Livity's Off Road project here

Liverpool | Tate Liverpool
Andrea Nixon - Executive Director, Tate Liverpool and The Audience Agency board member
Jemima Pyne - Head of Audiences, Tate Liverpool
Together Andrea and Jemima looked at how they have increased younger visitors by working with local universities. Download their presentation here.

Sarah Ogle - Marketing and Communications Director, Everyman and Playhouse
Peter Greggs - Marketing Officer, Everyman and Playhouse
Sarah and Peter presented their talk 'YEP: Theatre Makers & Audiences of the Future', looking at the YEP scheme and how it embeds young people at the heart of the organisation. Download their presentation here.

Leicester | Curve

Mel Knott - Head of Learning and Participation, Curve
Mel outlined her vision for Curve and how it plays an integral role in the lives of young people in the city. Download her presentation here.

Tony Bhajam Head of Programmes and Training, Beatfreeks and Doink
Tony looked at what can be done to engage and understand young people in our communities so that they are not locked out of experiences the sector offers.

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