Survey and ticketing data helps us to identify certain behaviours, tendencies and requirements unique to family audiences that can help organisations understand how to build an offer that better serves and engages them.

Audience Spectrum...

Certain Audience Spectrum segments are more likely to engage with a family offer. Three Audience Spectrum segments in particular attend children and family focused performances far more than they attend other arts and cultural events. These are:

Organisations may do well to consider where these audiences live and how to engage them. You can find more about these segments in the detailed pen portraits. You might like to consider commissioning an Engagement Area Profile report to better understand where to target family audiences in your own catchment area.

Average Party Size...

Average Party Size.jpg

Data confirms that the average party size of families is far higher than is true of other attending groups or individuals:

  • Unsurprisingly, Children/Family events attract a higher average party size (3.9) than the other arts and cultural events in Audience Finder overall (2.7).

  • Commuterland Culturebuffs are likely to bring in the largest groups with an average of 3.5.

Average Booker Frequency…

Average Booker Frequency.jpg

That said, families book less frequently, especially Facebook Families:

  • The average booker frequency for 2018-19 is much lower for Children/Family events (1.4) than AF events overall (2.2) which is again, unsurprising as Children/Family was one of the least programmed performing arts events for the year - so the availability to enable high frequency is low generally.

  • Even though Facebook Families are highly represented in Children/Family events the average Facebook Family booker has one of the lowest annual frequencies (1.2), and the lowest for events overall (1.7).

Average Ticket Yield...

By Audience Spectrum

Average Ticket Yield by Audience Spectrum.jpg

By Artform

Average Ticket Yield by Artform.jpg

Average Ticket Yield by Artform Legend.png

  • Children and Family events see the second highest party size (3.9) of all artforms programmed in Audience Finder, just behind Christmas Shows (5.5)
  • However, at £11.78 they have the lowest average ticket yield of all performing arts events.

Regional Variations...

  • The highest proportion of Children/Family events were programmed at organisations located in Greater London.
  • These events saw the lowest ticket yield but one of the highest frequencies, suggesting that audiences will split their budget over multiple events.
  • East of England contributes a much smaller proportion of all Children/Family events (4%) but has an equally high attendance frequency as London events and an even better ticket yield of £12.86.
  • Wales programmed only 2% of the UK’s Children/Family events but have a much higher family turnout with the highest party size of 4.8.
  • Bookers living in South East England will pay the most for Children/Family events, averaging £15.05 per ticket.
  • London audiences pay the least; average ticket yield is £10.29.

Artform specific reports

Explore our Audience Reports for more artform specific insights into family audiences. So far in the series you'll find reports for Outdoor Arts, Museums, Visual Arts, Libraries and Literature audiences.