Suburbanites and small towners interested in heritage activities and mainstream arts.

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A significant proportion of audiences are made up of this dependably regular if not frequently engaging group. Most live in suburban or small towns and show a preference for heritage activities, alongside popular and more traditional, mainstream arts. Many are thriving well off mature couples or busy older families; lifestage coupled with more limited access to an extensive cultural offer mean that culture is more an occasional treat or family outing than an integral part of their lifestyle.

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Key Statistics:

Activity Level


Medium Cultural Engagement

Spectrum Ranking



Audience Finder Benchmark


20% of Active Audiences

Population Prevalence


15% of UK Population

AS chart - 4 DD.png

Core Characteristics:

  • Profiles: This large group includes families of all ages, with typical educational backgrounds, solid careers and the means to enjoy their time as they please, both at home and abroad. More information.
  • Attitudes: Trips to arts and culture tend to mark special occasions with friends and family, so the wrap-around offer is extremely important and group-based discounts appeal. More information.
  • Sectors: Hardcore history and heritage buffs who otherwise lean towards museums, galleries and the mainstream performing arts, with a particular enthusiasm for live popular music. More information.
  • Places: A suburban cohort concentrated heavily around the South East and North West, with average levels of arts and cultural provision locally, but a willingness to travel for treats. More information.
  • Digital Activities: Whilst not glued to their devices, they none-the-less expect to be able to find whatever information they need online, both for leisure planning and news consumption. More information.
  • Communications: Detail and directness are the keys to communicating with this busy, no nonsense group, both in the messaging they require and the ways in which they like to receive it. More information.

NEW | Dormitory Dependables Further Segmented:

While all Dormitory Dependables broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Dormitory Dependables, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

Dormitory Dependables | D1 Dormitory Dependables | D2

Commuter-town families, investing for the future.

D1 1.png

About this Subsegment

Settled, comfortable residents, enjoying regional life.


About this Subsegment

Covid Cultural Participation Scale:

Informed by evidence from the Cultural Participation Monitor, this scale shows whether this group's intention and ability to engage with arts and culture long term was likely to have been more or less affected by Covid than other segments.

Covid Scale Dormitory Dependables.png

  • Dormitory Dependables lean towards the older and more rural ends of the Audience Spectrum, so unlikely to have been around available culture during the height of the pandemic, but the opportunity to start celebrating special occasions again with family and friends will have been extremely welcome.
  • Given their leaning towards heritage offers, they are likely to have been able to return to the cultural activities that they enjoy relatively early in the reopening process, and will have been leading the charge of panto returns during Christmastime 2021.
  • See Audience Spectrum Through Covid for more about their experience.

Cost of Living Concerns:

Dormitory Dependables Covid vs COL.png

With attendance back up to pre-Covid levels and concerns about cost-of-living falling in the middle range, Dormitory Dependables are still likely to reliably engage with live arts and culture for special occasions, even through this crisis.

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