Understand more about who your audiences are, and discover who else they could be.

We can help you to engage an entirely new audience by designing a relevant, fresh experience - from first communication to follow-up visit.

Tools like Audience Development, Experience Design, Creative Evaluation, or Co-creation can all help organisations to engage communities, visitors and audiences in a more meaningfully inclusive and creatively valuable way for everyone involved.

How we use our evidence and expertise to help you...

Audience Development

Engaging audiences, visitors, customers or users is at the heart of any arts organisations’ mission. Getting to know those who do, could or would like to engage is the first step towards developing long-lasting relationships.

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Image of Outdoor performers and family audience

Co-Creation and Participation

Develop & evaluate exceptional programmes & gain understanding of your participatory audiences. Engage a range of audiences with specific interests, including families and local communities, younger and older people, people with support needs, with disabilities, and more.

Digital Engagement

Harnessed effectively, digital technology can be transformative. Whether you want to create impact, increase resilience or connect with your communities, we can provide you with strategic support, practical advice and a clear roadmap.

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