Culture doesn’t play a central role in lives of this group and they are the segment least likely to say “I am an arty person”

Cultural interests

Despite low overall engagement, they are occasionally doing some activities which meet the needs of their families and within their budgets and locality. Guaranteed family enjoyment and fun will take precedence over consciously engaging with the arts, museums or heritage.

Most likely to be interested and engage in the popular and mainstream, they are also more likely than the average to see work that is culturally specific. Their choices are particularly family-oriented such as cinema, pantomime, live music, musicals, carnival, circus and plays/drama. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, a museum could be an easier option, or a trip to a local heritage site, if it is free.


Other leisure interests

Facebook families have limited leisure time, money and opportunity. They are therefore likely to do more home-based activities and are the group with the highest likelihood of having a computer games console. TV plays a central role in the household – mostly screening kids programmes or football – with a high subscription rate to Sky or Virgin channels. There is an indication that some do have homes to develop, where DIY and gardening are main activities. Many also have pets to look after.

Outside the home they do some sports activities, particularly dance or Zumba for fitness and social reasons. Friends and family are important, but going on days out to restaurants, cafes or bars is relatively lower on the agenda. As with much of their lives, holidays are ‘budget’ and may involve trips to UK seaside resorts and holiday camps. Although they are likely to put on the odd bet and see shopping as their main leisure activity (albeit on low budgets).