Access this group through a combination of respected community advocates and entertaining marketing content, pushed to their devices through apps and networks.

Explore how to communicate your cultural offerings effectively to Kaleidoscope Creativity:


This group responds best to communications that are entertaining as well as informative, and demonstrate a specific understanding of their community.

  • Communications should demonstrate an understanding of their needs and aspirations and, ideally, be delivered in partnership with local communities.
  • Building genuine relationships with people and communities requires significant effort and investment of time and money, but is likely to prove the most effective in reaching and attracting Kaleidoscope Creativity.
  • Finding community gatekeepers who will act as and recruit “arts ambassadors” is one of the best ways to harness effective word of mouth.


Marketing content that reaches them through phone apps or national tabloids has the highest likelihood of appealing.

  • Cultural organisations’ web content is unlikely to be widely browsed independently and will need to be “pushed” to smartphones via relevant apps and social media networking channels such as Instagram and TikTok.
  • They’re much more likely than other groups to read the Metro newspaper, as the majority live in larger cities and are reliant on public transport, where the paper is freely distributed, and are also likely to read The Sun - they are highly influenced by national tabloids, where advertising may be effective.
  • Their interest in fashion and shopping might also lend itself to promotional opportunities, and stakeholders from the fashion industry might be keen on exploring and developing partnerships with arts and cultural organisations.
  • Local community clubs, youth programmes, religious institutions, healthcare providers, local authorities, community support workers, voluntary organisations, shops and services all provide shared touchpoints that could offer direct and mutually beneficial engagement opportunities.

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