Frugal, semi-urban renting families, light on arts and culture but heavy on community.

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Arts and culture play a very small role in the lives of this younger, cash-strapped group living in suburban and semi-urban areas of high unemployment. They are the least likely to think of themselves as arty, with less than a third believing that arts, culture and heritage are important in general. Nevertheless, they do engage in leisure activities as families, particularly mainstream events like cinema, live music and pantomime, and will in participate in community-based entertainment.

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Key Statistics:

Activity Level


Low Cultural Engagement

Spectrum Ranking



Audience Finder Benchmark


6% of Active Audiences

Population Prevalence


12% of UK Population

AS chart - 8 FF.png

Core Characteristics:

  • Profiles: Households with young children, living on low incomes or unemployment, in council rented housing and spending most of their free time enjoying at home entertainment. More information.
  • Attitudes: While they don't consider culture very important or themselves 'arty', they are family motivated and the right offer can appeal on those grounds, especially if free. More information.
  • Sectors: Trending towards mainstream family-friendly artforms, like cinema and pantomime, this group also engages in culturally specific projects that reflect their own communities. More information.
  • Places: Located in and around urban areas, predominantly in the North and Midland regions, public transport can be a hinderance, despite being quite close to many arts offers. More information.
  • Digital Activities: This group uses social media and smartphones daily but might not have access to a home computer, so may rely on school and library machines for homework. More information.
  • Communications: Either looking for prominent and visible advertising through mainstream channels, or endorsements from peer groups through word of mouth or social networks. More information.

NEW | Frontline Families Further Segmented:

While all Frontline Families broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Frontline Families, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

Frontline Families | F1 Frontline Families | F2

Older families, getting by despite challenges.


About this Subsegment

Younger, cash-strapped families and couples starting out.


About this subsegment

Covid Cultural Participation Scale:

Informed by evidence from the Cultural Participation Monitor, this scale shows whether this group's intention and ability to engage with arts and culture long term was likely to have been more or less affected by Covid than other segments.

Covid Scale Facebook Families.png

  • As a younger-leaning, family dominated segmented, many working frontline jobs, they are unlikely to have limited their leisure as heavily as some groups during the pandemic years, but the cost of living crisis will have hit them hard.
  • Family trips out are important and will have been missed, so free offers - especially outdoors - are likely to find some traction.
  • Any introduction of booked slots for attendance is likely to make it harder for
    this group to attend, as are shifts towards more commercial offers.
  • See Audience Spectrum Through Covid for more about their experience.

Cost of Living Concerns:

Frontline Families Covid vs COL.png

Although Facebook Families return engagement actually significantly surpassed pre-Covid levels, they are the second most likely segment to be put off by cost-of-living concerns, so their potential absence may contribute to a renewed downturn.

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