Drawn to heritage, museums and mainstream arts, they are also attracted to participatory activities, which parents see as important and educational.

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Explore the artistic interests and preferences of Trips and Treats


While this group may not view the arts as a passion, they are reasonably culturally active, with a strong leaning towards the mainstream and popular.

  • Diversity in programming will bring a range of age-ranges, and organisations should consider the entire offer when looking for ways to meet those different needs in different ways.
  • Positioning cultural events as fun, family friendly and educational provides opportunities for some additional adventurous attendance to encourage more frequent and lifelong engagement.


A heavy preference for mainstream arts and popular culture like musicals and familiar drama, mixed in with days out to museums and heritage sites.

  • With above average attendance at museums, galleries and particularly heritage sites, engagement of this sort is fairly regular part of their lives, usually in the form of family outings or special occasions - around half have attended in the last 12 months.
  • In terms of the performing arts, their tastes are very mainstream: live music, musicals, film, pantomime, circus, carnival, plays/drama, and street arts feature most highly in their choices.


Likely to be fairly open to participating in creative activities, which may be an effective entry route for many families into further cultural engagement.

  • They pursue activities such as practising circus skills, painting, drawing, creating original artworks, computer animation and participating in carnival more than the average.
  • Many are also involved in arts and crafts (23%), photography, and playing a musical instrument (11%).
  • As busy families these activities to a certain extent may revolve around the children, but are led by parents who believe that creative participation is important and possibly educational,
  • For younger families it will be about fun days and activity workshops programmed on a drop-in basis, and for older families more educational or structured participation or making i.e. half term ‘courses’.
  • Connecting to local schools, nurseries or children’s centres offering performances or workshops will also effectively introduce them to a different range of cultural events.

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