Each month we delve into an aspect of our work and your contributions to and opportunities in The Audience Agency community.

“Give assistance, not advice, in a crisis.”

― Aesop

As things continue to evolve on a regular basis, both in the sector and beyond, we are here to give not just useful advice but practical assistance. Whether you're re-opening, thinking about it, or planning longer-term, we are continuing to develop resources and services to help you make difficult strategic decisions for your organisation's future.

Funding announcements and clarifications are coming thick and fast, so please do also be aware that if you're applying for ACE project funding, you can talk to us about research to support your bid.

Check out too this short video, walking you through what we have in our Evidence Hub so far and how to go about putting that wealth of information into practice...

Image of Bounce Forwards | Evidence Hub
Bounce Forwards | Evidence Hub

Check here for regular updates into audience trends and behaviours as they change.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Recovery Route-Maps
Bounce Forwards | Recovery Route-Maps

Our Using Evidence To… route-maps are designed to help you navigate your own data and The Audience Agency’s free resources to clear key hurdles for bouncing forwards.

Image of Post-Covid-19 Lockdown Guidance | Undertaking safe data collection
Post-Covid-19 Lockdown Guidance | Undertaking safe data collection

Practical steps on how organisations can safely and effectively continue to collect audience data.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Support Programmes
Bounce Forwards | Support Programmes

Fast and affordable programmes to help you bounce forward with confidence.

Image of Masterclasses | Full Series
Masterclasses | Full Series

Our three hour Masterclasses are focused sessions in which you will both learn and participate.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Revenue Tracker
Bounce Forwards | Revenue Tracker

Delving into Audience Finder ticketing data to understand the impact of COVID-19 on venue incomes.

Image of Introduction to... | Free webinar series
Introduction to... | Free webinar series

Free introductory webinar session on a wide range of topics, all aimed to help your organisation bounce forwards.

Initial findings from the Digital Audience Survey, as of August 2020.

First findings from The Audience Agency's Digital Audience Survey paint a very interesting picture of how audiences have responded to arts, culture and heritage organisations moving so much of their offering online during the COVID-19 lock-down period.

Image of Golant Innovation partners with We Will Thrive to deliver new iBeholder project
Golant Innovation partners with We Will Thrive to deliver new iBeholder project

This new project aims to discover new ways to gather audience data for non-ticketed visual arts organisations.