Report | What is Resilience Anyway?

Our research on resilience in the cultural sector commissioned by Arts Council England is published this week.

27 September 2018

Over 1,000 colleagues across the cultural sector shared their views on this challenging question in the course of this research:

  • How is resilience currently understood in the arts and culture sector?
  • Are organisations becoming more resilient and, if so, how are they doing this?
  • What opportunities might there be to develop the sector’s resilience in the future?

Opinions were divided and hotly debated but a number of important themes emerged; read the report here. Commissioned by Arts Council England – see their comment here – and developed by Golant Media Ventures, the enterprise arm of The Audience Agency, the report raises questions about the future practice and purpose of the cultural sector. We hope to discuss these questions further at a public debate later this year.

Meanwhile, we’d like to thank everyone who gave their time contributing to the research. Stay tuned for an upcoming event by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn or signing up to The Audience Agency Newsletter here.


Patrick Towell (Golant Media Ventures)

Anne Torreggiani (The Audience Agency)

Read the full Arts Council commissioned report