Audience Reports

Interrogate your data in detail through our selection of custom reports.

Custom Reports allow you greater flexibility when looking at your audiences, enabling you to define and compare different audiences groups or behaviours from your own audiences or from the larger Audience Finder data set.

Some of these reports are subject to participation in Audience Finder, while others just require the appropriate data from your own database.

Trend Analysis

Understand how your audiences are changing over time, by particular artforms or by looking at specific characteristics.

Mosaic 6

Use Mosaic 6, the leading commercial consumer lifestyle profiling tool, to profile your audiences.

Show/Event Reports

Get in depth analysis of audiences to a particular show or event, see how they differ to your overall audiences or compare them to other geographic or artform specific groups.

Crossover Report

Find out where your audiences are crossing over between your programmes. Looking to work with a partner organisation? If you are both in Audience Finder, you can use this report see how many of your audiences crossover.

Churn/Retention Report

How many of your audiences come back for a second time and how many of your audiences regularly come back year-on-year? This report is an ideal building block for understanding the depth of your engagement with your audiences

Drive Time/Distance Report

Find out how far your audiences are travelling to visit you: for a particular show, for an artform or in general.

Cost: All prices are available on request.

Email the Research team to order an Audience Report

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