The free national audience data and development tool.

Audience Finder is the free national audience data and development tool, enabling cultural organisations to understand, compare and apply audience insight. Audience Finder brings together data on all UK households with data from over 800 cultural organisations: over 170 million tickets, 59 million transactions, approximately 750,000 surveys and web analytics from all the UK's major arts and cultural organisations.

As the culture sector’s only truly data-driven audience development service, our technology, research and expertise empower organisations to build resilience and strong, lasting relationships with audiences.

"Audience Finder is one of the most exciting and potentially powerful forces in Arts Marketing that has ever existed."

Adam Buss, Chief Executive, QUAD

The data drives tools which build and explore a clear picture of audiences locally and nationally, helping you to find new audience opportunities. Audience Finder is a platform for user-friendly reporting dashboards, online mapping, insight tools as well as for opportunities to work in collaborative, data-sharing groups. Through the Audience Finder dashboard, you can also compare audiences to other cultural audiences across the country.

Audience Finder includes:

  • Ticketing Dashboard. See your bookers in context, regionally and nationally.
  • Survey Dashboard. Understand your audience profiles and motivations using our standard audience survey.
  • Mapping Tool. Explore the distribution of the 10 Audience Spectrum segments across the UK, and identify where your potential audiences are.
  • National Picture. Even if you don't have any data, Audience Finder can help you gain insight into audiences by Audience Spectrum segment, artform and nationally.

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Audience Finder is developed and managed by The Audience Agency and is funded by Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Wales and Creative Scotland.

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