Google Analytics Audit & Set Up

Are your analytics telling you what you really need to know?

Is it providing you with meaningful insight or just (confusing) numbers?
Have you tried to get to grips with it yourself but feel that you need a bit of hands-on help to really understand it?

Katie Moffat, our Head of Digital, can help you by auditing your current Google Analytics set up, providing a short report with recommendations, so you can use it in a more meaningful way.

She will guide you through the process of setting up goals (so you can measure how your website is really performing) and explain what changes might need to be made to help you track more useful metrics.

We can audit your Google analytics set up for you to check:

  • Do you have a filter set up to remove internal traffic?
  • Do you have goals set up?
  • Do you have event tracking set up?
  • What changes might you need to make to be able to track useful metrics?

Also includes the set up of:

  • One custom reporting dashboard
  • One custom report

Email now for more information and to order your audit