Get the full picture of how your productions are performing across venues and audiences

If you are a UK touring organisation looking for insights into your audiences from the venues where you perform, Audience Answers Touring is for you!

Our 3-tier reporting service can:

  • Provide quick and straightforward audience insights around key metrics to support your evaluation, marketing, and future planning, all for highly competitive rates.
  • Build bespoke reports of your production data to your own specifications, for example around a tour across multiple venues, all productions from a single venue over a set time period, or across a whole financial year.
  • If you’d like to find out a little more about who’s attending and their experience, you can also add an audience e-survey giving you access to a wider range of audience insights.

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We have a free-of-charge touring option available for organisations in Wales and Scotland through funding from the Arts Council of Wales and Creative Scotland for the 23/24 financial year.

Choose the Touring Plan that gives the answers you need:





Snapshot +



Essentials +

Gather and analyse core insights to build a picture of your show's audiences across sites

Get the data detail you need to present to your board and plan your marketing campaigns

Build a bespoke audience profile in order to achieve your own unique objectives

Includes Audience Spectrum profiling of production data from up to 8 venues, compared against a population benchmark of your organisation's choice.

Includes total tickets, bookers and income reporting, booking lead times, top 20 local authorities and postal sectors, visualised mapping, and more...

Looking for a more tailored and bespoke overview of your touring data? We can build reports and packages of your choice around your audience objectives.

£475 + VAT

(subsidised in Scotland and Wales)

From £675 + VAT

(subsidised in Scotland and Wales)


(Email us to talk more about this option)

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Venue not signed up to Audience Answers? Each report can include productions from up to 8 host venues. If the venues are not providing data to the Audience Answers program but data can be provided externally from the host organisation, speak to us to discuss including this data within your reporting.

Can't see exactly what you need? Or looking for survey options for touring organisations? A range of add-ons are available. Speak to us for details and costs.

Want to know more about what's coming up in Audience Answers?Read about the other upgraded features of the Audience Answers Toolkit arriving this year