Get to know your audiences by asking them about themselves and their motivations.

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Designed for and with cultural organisations, Audience Answers' new Surveys package builds on the 10-year development and success of Audience Finder Data Tools in the field.

This next generation of data capture and insight tools:

  • is fully funder compatible,
  • improves on favourite features that users have told us they value,
  • offers a whole host of new tools they've asked for, including easy set-up and simple reporting,
  • guarantees robust sampling and questions design,
  • comes with a range of support, training and peer-learning opportunities,
  • offers continuity of process and reporting,
  • and allows you to upgrade to more complex reporting options on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.

We have flexible, free and paid-for options depending on the level of insight and support you need, with additional functionality and benefits continuing to be introduced during the year.

Discover more about the benefits of Audience Answers Surveys:

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Get started with the tools to capture your audience data

Learn more with greater insights and in person data support Dig deeper with additional insights and year long digital and in person services

Includes a UK survey template of your choice in two methodologies, summary reporting, Audience Spectrum profiling at regional and national levels and access to webinars and community resources.

Includes everything in the Snapshot plan, plus... additional questions and delivery methods, online insights dashboards, Audience Spectrum profiling of your own organisation, and more...

Includes everything in the Essentials plan, plus... survey design consultation, deeper-dive Audience Spectrum, end-of-year summary presentation for your team, and more...

£200 annually

(subsidised in Scotland & Wales)

£1,440 annually

(subsidised in Scotland and Wales)

£2,400 annually

(subsidised in Scotland and Wales)

See everything included in our plans

Can't see exactly what you need? A range of add-ons are available. Speak to us for details and costs.

Want to know more about what's coming up in Audience Answers? Read about the other upgraded features of the Audience Answers Toolkit arriving this year.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum contract 1 year
  • Effective from 1st April, 2024, our packages will not include an 'Illuminate Ready CSV'. To ensure seamless data transformation for your reporting to Arts Council England via Illuminate, please opt for the "quarterly Illuminate transformation" when placing your survey order. If you do not select this option, you will need to transform the data yourself.
  • In year upgrades available
  • Not all benchmarking online initially but through reporting/individual dashboards
  • Implementation dates for new features may be subject to change
  • By using our Survey offer, you agree to TAA processing your data as part of your reporting. All clients remain as owners of their data.