Hardcore history and heritage buffs who otherwise lean towards museums, galleries and the mainstream performing arts, with a particular enthusiasm for live popular music.

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Explore the artistic interests and preferences of Dormitory Dependables:


A regular, though infrequent, group who tend towards the mainstream, but are potentially open minded about trying something a bit more 'risky'.

  • A significant proportion of arts audiences are made up of this large population group who, if not all that frequently engaged, are still dependably regular; more than half take in some sort of arts and culture event at least annually.
  • Popular and mainstream events are this group’s default preference, but they are not averse to contemporary, and possibly slightly more risky, experiences, and can be open to a broad range of arts and cultural activities.
  • Their disposition towards contemporary and classical events is not quite as strong, but those styles are still attended roughly in line with or slightly above the national average.


An interest in history supports a strong inclination towards heritage and museums, while live music - especially rock and pop - is very popular.

  • This group has a marked leaning towards heritage sites, to which they have quite good access, with more than half of all households visiting annually (of whom, nearly half go three or four times a year) and are also warm to museums and galleries.
  • Their interest in heritage, history and current affairs can be developed to good effect through programme offers, either individually or in combination with their propensity to visit art exhibitions, displays and installations.
  • As this group's preference for the popular and mainstream suggests, pantomime, musicals, dance events and street arts are also relatively sought after, and family friendly programming forms an important part of the mix.
  • They are very keen on live music and attend rock and pop events more than any other group, with classical or choral music less popular than average.
  • A significant number do also attend plays and drama, but are not likely to do so more than once or twice a year.


Participation opportunities that support their own creative personal development goals are the most popular.

  • Dormitory Dependables are keen to participate in a wide range of activities, which can be tailored around opportunities to develop and showcase individual skills such as photography and playing musical instruments.
  • Providing access to activities which might be undertaken in groups, such as rehearsing or performing drama, ballet or other kinds of dance may prove a little less popular, but are still likely to be taken up in line with or slightly above average levels.

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