While Home & Heritage is not a highly engaged group, they do engage with the cultural activity available to them and attend all sorts of arts and culture but fairly rarely

Cultural preferences

They have clear preferences for familiar, mainstream programme offers and a leaning towards classical content across a range of artforms. They are most likely to make a visit to a heritage site with 47% making 3-4 visits in the last 12 months and are slightly more likely than average to go to the theatre. Like most segments, they are broadly positive about arts and culture, do see themselves as arts-attenders and value the arts in general. Limited access locally and a reluctance to travel, especially in the evening, probably mitigates against more active engagement.


Other leisure interests

This group spend more time than average doing things like reading, gardening and DIY but generally doing less “outdoor” pursuits than others, and are what might be thought of as home-lovers. Television features heavily with a preference for costume drama and nature programmes. They also enjoy local and social participatory activities like singing in a choir and Amateur Dramatics.