Nearly a quarter of Home & Heritage are involved in crafts like knitting or amateur dramatics and choirs, often based close to home in their local community

Creative participation

Involvement in such activities adds a social dimension with 33% of this group comprising elderly females, they may use these activities as a way of coming into contact with like minded individuals.

Lifestage & location

As their name suggests, this segment are homebodies, with low car usage, and are among the least likely to participate in the evening economy. Around a quarter have higher education or professional qualifications. Although generally comfortable, the large majority are retired, living on a household income of less than £20,000 per year.

Digital habits

Light internet users, they are generally technophobic and the least likely segment to use any social networking sites.



Broadsheet and tabloid readers, they have the highest index for The Daily Mail, at 28%. Suspicious of advertising they prefer a more personalised approach – direct mail, telephone (email and face to face) – although home-based (low car usage) so remote options are more effective.

Community involvement

A relatively community minded group, a quarter of all Home & Heritage have done some form of voluntary work in the last 12 months. The most popular kinds of volunteering are event organising, being a committee member for local societies, parish councils and church committees etc



Mostly located in dormitory villages, outer suburbs/edges of cities, small towns and rural areas across England. Higher proportions can be found in the East and South East and South West of England. Generally homeowners, living in comfortable accommodation, often in bungalows.

97% Aged 60+


Within this group 97% are aged 60+, half are in couples and half are widowed with no children at home. There is a bias towards single females.

Diversity in segment

This is a homogenous group, with 99% from a White British ethnic background and 98% do not have children at home.

Segment best match

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