An older group of retired or semi-retired home owners, living on modest pensions and spending their time enjoying reading, gardening, period dramas and Countryfile.

Explore the typical lifestages and characteristics of Home and Heritage:


An extremely homogenous group of White British elders with a high instance of widowhood and disability.

  • This is the most mature group - 97% are aged 60+ and 98% do not have children at home.
  • Half are in couples and half are widowed, and there is a bias towards single females, due to longer life expectancy.
  • 99% are from a White British ethnic background
  • Just over half of this group declares a disability.


A generally well educated group of retired homeowners living in comfortable bungalows, on modest pensions.

  • Around a quarter have higher education or professional qualifications.
  • This group is almost exclusively retired or semi-retired, living on a household income of less than £20,000 per year. (figures c. 2015)
  • Generally homeowners, living in comfortable accommodation, often in bungalows.


As their name suggests, this segment are homebodies and are among the least likely to participate in the evening economy.

  • This group spend more time than average doing things like reading, gardening and DIY but generally doing less out-and-about pursuits than others, and are what might be thought of as home-lovers.
  • Television features heavily with a preference for costume drama, and many in also share an interest in the natural world – from gardening to programmes such as Springwatch and Countryfile on TV.
  • A large proportion are National Trust members and they also enjoy local and social participatory activities like singing in a choir and amateur dramatics.

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