Where next for resilience?

Inspired by our recent ACE commissioned report 'What is Resilience Anyway?' - representing the views of 1000+ cultural practitioners - we're inviting you to join us for the next step.

We'll be sharing insights beyond those published in the report itself with leading thinkers and doers from the creative, public and third sectors.

At the event, we'll consider what responses to the report should look like from individuals, organisations, governments and policymakers across the UK. We'll explore future scenarios for changes to the landscape in which culture will be operating by 2030 and develop our responses to them.

This event is all about dialogue. The day will include active discussion and creative scenario planning, exploring key themes ignited by the What Is Resilience Anyway? A Review report including:

  • Are we prepared? The current lack of consistent resilience planning and decision making in the cultural sector
  • Are we willing? The sector's willingness to embrace innovation and core behavioural shifts that make long-term resilience possible
  • Are we on the right track? The mismatch between what we think is important versus what we actually practice

This is a landmark event for all cultural and creative leaders looking to set the agenda as well as respond to change – to evolve their organisations and better serve their audiences.

This event is being run in partnership with Culture Central.

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