Findings from The Audience Agency's Digital Audience Survey show how performing arts audiences have responded to organisations moving so much of their offering online since the COVID-19 lock-down period.

This 5 minute survey, deployed by museums via their websites, social media and other e-communications, invites online audiences to help organisations to better understand visitors':

  • Profiles
  • Motivations
  • Online habits
  • Changes through COVID-19

See the Performing Arts' Digital Visitors Report as a PDF

Headline findings at a glance

Performing Arts' digital visitors are more likely (vs overall visitors/audiences)…

  • To be a return web visitor (80% vs 66%)
  • To be from a balance of age groups, reflecting the UK population
  • To engage…to boost my mood (65% agree vs 58%)
  • To view more online…than before Covid (68% agree vs 61%)
  • To view a video or live stream (45% vs 26%)
  • To donate to the organisation (4% vs 2%)