An easy-to-understand report that presents a clear view of the schools you are engaging.

Do you struggle to find the time to collate, present and communicate your schools booking data? Do you find it challenging to build a picture of the schools you are reaching – from geographical spread to other factors such as school type and pupil premium – to help you set future targets?

Understand the schools you engage with

Our new Schools Engagement Report presents a range of useful information about the schools you engage with, including geographic location, year group, and other characteristics such as:

  • Phase type (state-funded, independent, etc)
  • Type (such as academies, community schools, free schools, etc)
  • Sex of intake (mixed, girls, boys)
  • Religious denomination of school

The Report also lets you compare the schools you are currently reaching with schools and pupils in your chosen target area, according to:

  • Pupil Premium
  • Ethnic profile of pupils
  • Number of pupils with English as an additional language

All of this data is presented and explained through a clear narrative, in a detailed document that includes lots of easy to understand maps, charts and headline information.

Click the map to explore an example version of this report:

Schools Engagement Map.png

If you want to dig a little deeper, the report also comes with a full breakdown of the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

How we build the report

The report is built on a combination of your own data and information about schools in England. For each session that you’d like to include in your analysis, we need to know:

  • Date of session (or month, if you don’t have a specific date)
  • Name of school
  • Postcode or Local Authority of school
  • Number of pupils per session

If you can also tell us the DFE numbers of your schools, and the number of pupils of each year group in each session, your report will be as complete and accurate as possible. The order form contains a blank area in which to paste your session data. You can include as many or as few sessions as you like.

Your report will compare the schools and pupils you’ve reached (i.e. all sessions you supply data for) with all schools and pupils in your 'target area'. You can define your target area based on:

  • an English region or group of regions
  • a Local Authority area or group of Local Authorities
  • a combination of region(s) and Local Authority area(s)

Price | £500 + VAT

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about a Schools Engagement report.
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