Audience Profiling Tools and Techniques... We have a range of easy-to-use tools to help you to find out who your audiences are and understand them better.

By looking more closely at who you are reaching, you’ll also get a view on who’s not engaging. So, if you feel the need for a bit of audience insight, please get in touch. For a more in-depth or project-specific approach to understanding who your audiences are, we also deliver evaluation tailored to your needs – evaluation design, data collection and reporting, using a range of methods and approaches for assessing your impact with target audiences.

Data & Insights

Start with exploring your catchment area using population data and insights. We can draw on Audience Finder data to get the perspective you need on your market place and consider your unique audience profile in the context of your specific catchment area. This is a great starting point for marketing planning, setting targets and initiating your audience development strategy.

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Custom Reports

If it’s really getting to know your current audiences you need, then we can help get more from your Audience Finder data by defining and comparing different audience groups or behaviours. We can provide you with reports specific to your organisation using box office or survey data, analysing trends, motivations, retention rates, profiles, drive time and more.

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Bespoke Evaluation

Alternatively, you may want to understand the audiences for and assess the impact of specific initiatives. Our regional, national and international evaluation expertise is extensive in both summative and formative evaluation, so is tailored to suit your project. Our bespoke evaluation will help you make the case for what’s next, be that measuring success or understanding the impact with audiences.

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