Audience Development Tools and Techniques... Understanding who your audiences are (and who they are not) is only half the battle.

Developing approaches to engaging and developing them is how you realise your mission as an organisation. A planned and organisation-wide approach is the best way to ensure you can balance your social purpose, financial sustainability and creative ambitions. Only by designing distinct, audience-centred approaches for different types of visitor will your ambition be fully realised.

Engaging Local Audiences

The Audience Agency's specialist consultants can help you to identify, understand and grow your local community audiences. Drawing on our knowledge, robust audience data and research resources, we'll work with you to make connections and lasting relationships with local audiences and communities.

What you get with this starter pack

Strategic Facilitation Workshop

Sometimes you need to take a step back to see opportunities clearly. If you need to consider what it is that you do, why and who with or for, we can facilitate cross-organisation workshops to help realise that clarity. Using your evidence and our expertise, we can help you set goals and decide on your strategic direction.

Tailor the workshop to your team

Visitor Journey Mapping

In all planning it's vital to get the audience point of view. So, to make sure you don’t lose sight of how patrons experience your offer - from programme and curation to parking and loos - Visitor Journey Mapping allows you to clearly see and develop the whole experience from an audience-centred perspective.

How visitor journey mapping works