Commuterland Culturebuffs further segmented for precision profiling.

While all Commuterland Culturebuffs broadly share core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Commuterland Culturebuffs, then understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

CC regions.png

Understand how these Subsegments differ:

Commuterland Culturebuffs | C1

Prosperous families, living in the commuterbelt of major urban centres.

  • Profiles and Places | Affluent families living in leafy or rural areas, more likely to be in middle or later middle age. C1s live in the commuterbelts of large cities, with a higher proportion in the London suburbs.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | They have a greater tendency to book for Children/family events, than C2s, alongside a wide range of other cultural tastes.
  • Digital and Comms | They make moderate to low use of social media and low use of paid content services (except Sky).

Commuterland Culturebuffs | C2

Wealthy empty-nesters with comfortable lifestyles in more rural areas.

  • Profiles and Places | Relatively older Commuterland Culturebuffs, who have often seen their families grow up and leave home and who are likely to be in the later stages of their careers, or retired. They live in rural areas, especially in the regions further from London.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | C2s have a wide variety of cultural tastes, with an emphasis on being entertained.
  • Digital and Comms | Their use of social media is low, as is their use of paid content services (except Sky).