Explore the latest regional and national population insights for Wales.

September 2023

Using data from the 2021 census, alongside Audience Spectrum and Mosaic UK segmentation data on the Welsh population, we are delighted to be launching new Population Reports highlighting insights at a regional and national level.

Each report includes the following information:

  • Age group
  • Ethnic group
  • Sex
  • Household information
  • Health & Unpaid Care
  • Language and Migration
  • Education & Employment
  • Audience Spectrum profile
  • Experian's Mosaic 7 profile

All reports are available to download as a PDF, but an Excel version of all charts and data tables is available on request, which includes a full breakdown of Welsh language skills for your region.

Bespoke reports based on your organisation's catchment or local area are also available, profiled against a similar population benchmark of your choice.

Wales Population Reports

Cardiff Population Profile Report

Mid-Wales Population Profile Report

North Wales Population Profile Report

South Central Wales Population Profile Report

South East Wales Population Profile Report

South West Wales Population Profile Report

Wales Population Profile Report

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