Each month we delve into an aspect of our work and your contributions to and opportunities in The Audience Agency community.

"If you cry 'forward', you must without fail make plain in what direction to go."

Anton Chekhov

There's many a saying about the potentially disastrous consequences of 'standing still'. But charging forward into the unknown, with little or no idea of where you could or should be headed, can be an equally damaging course of action. We're always keen to help you understand your direction of travel, be that geographically, digitally or strategically. This month we are introducing the brand new Digital Compass Tool, designed with and for creative organisations to help them gauge their current position and map out next steps in all areas of their digital practice. We are also offering a number of workshops up and down the country over the coming months, as well as highlighting some new quick-win reports and resources to help you plan for progress in 2020.