Putting creativity at the heart of placeshaping can be crucial to its success. The Audience Agency helps organisations achieve impact and meaningful change working in local, place-based partnerships.

Services include:

1. Consulting your community | £500 + VAT

This simple, evidence-based toolkit uses real data and insight from your local area. It will support you and your organisation to develop, manage and deliver your own community consultation. We can empower you to gather meaningful results that deliver real change.

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2. Understanding and engaging local audiences | £1,750 + VAT

The Audience Agency's specialist consultants can help you to identify, understand and grow your local community audiences. Drawing on our knowledge, robust audience data and research resources, we'll work with you to achieve your unique local audience and community goals. The process includes:

  • Tailored diagnostic session
  • Engagement Area Profile Report
  • Strategic planning workshop
  • Review and strategy outline

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3. Building your case | pricing varies

We can help build your case by gathering evidence of need, interest and ambition. A wide-ranging consultation will involve multiple stakeholders engaged through surveys, interviews and creative workshops. This process will start to create and crystalise your vision and define the shape of the change you want to make. A powerful advocacy document or output will then do the hard work.

4. Working with communities | pricing varies

We will guide you through the process, using human centred design tools, of truly co-designing your programme with your community:

  • Enable the community to find its voice and explore its power
  • Support individuals to be leaders in their communities
  • Create an environment in which groups can realise their ideas.

We can facilitate, mentor or coach you through the stages of design and development.

5. Measures of success | pricing varies

Work in partnership with us to refine your story of change so that you can evaluate the impact of your place-shaping work:

  • Develop measures which are meaningful and understood across sectors.
  • Delve into the who, what, why and how at the heart of your place-shaping.

This depth evaluation will help you to understand what is going to stick and build resilience for the future and what you can leave behind.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to develop your Placeshaping agenda.

Image of Feature | Creative processes at the heart of Placemaking
Feature | Creative processes at the heart of Placemaking

The place in which a cultural organisation finds itself can determine how it thrives, survives or even dies, but many organisations are now taking the lead in helping places reinvent themselves. Anne Torreggiani explores the rise of place-shaping.

Image of Case in Point | Peterborough Presents
Case in Point | Peterborough Presents

Working with Peterborough Presents to evaluate and evolve its Creative People and Places action research programme into an active model for social representation and creative change.

Image of Case in Point | Create Church Street
Case in Point | Create Church Street

Working with Westminster City Council to evaluate the regenerative impact of a programme of artistic projects designed to engage, inspire and unify the local community.