Sociable retirees looking for inexpensive, mainstream, local leisure opportunities.

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Living local, modestly-incomed and relatively stable lives, Up Our Street engage with the arts infrequently and are most drawn to popular and inexpensive entertainment, as well as museums and heritage sites. Many are older and have some health issues, living on average or below pensions, so access in all its forms can be an issue. Modest in their habits and in their means, value for money, familiarity and low-risk are important factors in leisure decision making.

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Key Statistics:

Activity Level


Low Cultural Engagement

Spectrum Ranking



Audience Finder Benchmark


8% of Active Audiences

Population Prevalence


10% of UK Population

AS chart - 7 UoS.png

Core Characteristics:

  • Profiles: Soon-to-be, or already, retirees from skilled professional, White working class backgrounds, who enjoy sofa time, social clubs and fishing trips on modest pensions. More information.
  • Attitudes: Arts and culture, for their own sake, are not a priority for this lower income group, so the ancillary experience, like food, drink and retail, is key to unlocking the 'treat' factor. More information.
  • Sectors: These infrequent attenders are drawn to mainstream and inexpensive offers like museums, heritage, music and carnivals, and enjoy home-based craft activities. More information.
  • Places: Found primarily around the edges of industrial Northern and Midlands towns and small cities, this group is locally minded, and both unable and disinclined to travel far. More information.
  • Digital Activities: These late adopters of digital technology are highly unlikely to visit arts organisations' websites or follow them on social media, and even less inclined to buy tickets online. More information.
  • Communications: Familiarity is the key to engaging this risk averse group, who rely very heavily on recommendations from peers and are looking for a tried and tested leisure experience. More information.

NEW | Up Our Street Further Segmented:

While all Up Our Streets broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Up Our Streets, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

Up Our Street | U1 Up Our Street | U2

Middle-aged inhabitants of semis on the edge of town.


About this Subsegment

Older residents of terraces and flats in built up areas.


About this Subsegment

Covid Cultural Participation Scale:

Informed by evidence from the Cultural Participation Monitor, this scale shows whether this group's intention and ability to engage with arts and culture long term was likely to have been more or less affected by Covid than other segments.

Covid Scale Up Our Street.png

  • Nearly half of this older-leaning group are single, and the same proportion have long term health conditions, which have combined to make Covid a lonely and frightening time, and confidence will have been hit hard.
  • They are fairly low arts and culture engagers anyway, though they like outdoor festivals and carnivals, which could be a good re-engagement option, but not likely be motivated back to indoor events as much.
  • They do some homebased craft activities, which could have been a lockdown
    occupation, and there may be an opportunity to engage them in participatory events that offer them likeminded company after a long time isolating.
  • See Audience Spectrum Through Covid for more about their experience.

Cost of Living Concerns:

Up our Street Covid vs COL.png

Although their cultural attendance is almost back up to pre-Covid levels, Up Our Street are the most likely segment to be put off by cost-of-living concerns, so their potential absence may contribute to a renewed downturn.

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