This group is unlikely to spend much time surfing the web, looking for shows to book or stream digitally, or reading reviews online.

Explore the online arts, culture and heritage activities of Supported Communities:

General Engagement

The majority of this group are elderly and unlikely to access much online content, beyond TV, though a significant cohort of younger Supported Communities do a lot of their social interaction through online gaming.

  • Generally, as the least digitally engaged of all the segments, over 40% do not use the internet at all and a similar number do not own mobile phones; fewer still use smartphones.
  • Use of the internet and social networking sites is low amongst the elderly cohort of this group who tend not to be “silver surfers”; of the small minority that do use them, they do so principally as a source of information, rather than to discuss events and experiences or to share media content.
  • Younger members of this group however, whose mobility is limited by non-age-related disabilities, enjoy online gaming and content streaming services as main sources of their interaction and entertainment.

Arts and Culture

This group is the least likely to book tickets online and they are very unlikely to view or download digital media content.

  • Less than one in ten people in any cohort of this group will use the internet to browse museum, heritage or arts organisations’ websites.
  • Of those who do, the majority do so to find out information about events or performers.

Other LOW engaged spectrum groups