A spotlight on audiences across Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire, and East and West Dunbartonshire.

October 2022

Our Place-Based Insight Sessions focus on data about the local population and audiences of particular areas, from a range of sources (inc. Audience Finder Data Tools, Audience Spectrum segmentation, Area Profile Reports and more). We'll share what we have learned from looking at this data, hear how it fits with your own insights about local audiences, and discuss what it all might mean for your audience and community engagement.

A quick summary before we begin

Over half of the West Central Scotland population are from just 3 Audience Spectrum segments - Kaleidoscope Creativity (22%), Up Our Street (15%), and Experience Seekers (15%). All 3 of these segments are overrepresented in this region, compared with both Scotland as a whole, and the rest of the UK.

AS Segment Profile West Central Scotland.png

Looking more closely, we see that a considerable 1/5 actually come from one specific subsegment of Kaleidoscope Creativity | K2 "Hard-pressed singles in city tower blocks".

AS Subsegment Profile West Central Scotland.png

Despite Kaleidoscope Creativity being so prevalent in West Central Scotland's population, they are the least represented in terms of ticket bookers to cultural events, whereas Commuterland Culturebuffs, Experience Seekers, and Dormitory Dependables attend the most in proportion to their numbers.

Bookers West Central Scotland.png

So let's see what else the data is saying...

Download the Data Presentation