Latest Insights | September 2022

Younger people were still the most likely to engage with art/heritage activities online, with 81% of 16-24 year olds doing any activity in the last year, compared to 36% for those 65 and older (cf. 57% overall).

Online engagement by Agegroup.png

  • The activity that older people were most likely to have done was watching a live/recorded event (30%).
  • Younger people were particularly more likely to take part in a workshop / discussion/ art project (55% did any of these, cf. 28% overall) and 37% had taken part in an immersive online experience.
  • Black, Asian and Mixed ethnicity groups were also much more likely to have done online activities (78%, 70%, 80% respectively),
  • Families were also more likely to have engaged online (71%).
  • People with disabilities were not noticeably more likely to have done online activities than those not identifying as disabled.
  • Nor were people living in rural areas, compared to urban.

Online Activity by AS Subsegment.png

  • Metroculturals, Experience Seekers and Kaleidoscope Creativity were the most likely Audience Spectrum segments to have taken part in any online arts/heritage activities (72% and 70% respectively).
  • This was especially true for M2, E2, K2 - the younger subsegment in each case.
  • Metroculturals were particularly more likely to have watched an event recording or stream (63% vf. 48% overall).
  • Kaleidoscope Creativity were especially likely to visit an online exhibition (32% vf. 17% overall).
  • Experience Seekers were more likely to take part in an art project through social media (27% cf. 16% overall).

Online activity type by dominant segment.png

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