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Nearly half of people engaged with arts and culture digitally during the pandemic.

Overall, 45% of people said they had taken part in an online cultural activity during the pandemic.

  • This is much higher in the 16-24 age category, as well as for Metroculturals.
  • Those with some specific types of disability were also more likely to engage online than the overall average, such as those who are visually impaired and those with depression or anxiety.

Wave 6 Online Engagment by Audience Spectrum.png

The types of activity with the most online engagement are watching a performance/event, following by a virtual tour/online exhibition.

  • More niche categories like immersive/virtual reality digital art or online creative workshops see 5-10% of respondents taking part.
  • It should be noted that across nearly all online activities, the same percentages of respondents said they were doing this before the pandemic.
  • Watching a live or recorded performance online is the exception, increasing from 23% to 28%.

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