Latest Insights | September 2022

Attendance for in-person arts and heritage has risen since Spring 2022, from 70% to 90%.

Rising engagement.png

  • Though older age groups are still engaging less than the younger age groups (76% of those aged 65 and over have done anything in-person), their attendance is still up from the spring (where only 53% had done anything in-person).
  • Similarly, people with disabilities have lower in-person engagement (83%) but higher than in the previous wave (61%).
  • Conversely, attendance among families is particularly high (97%), and especially for families with children up to 10 years old.

The most popular activities were film and museum/heritage activities:

  • 65% went to see a film in the last year, including 31% going more than once.
  • And 61% went to a historic park or garden, including 21% going several times.

Activity level by artform.png

Younger people were still the most likely to engage with art/heritage activities online, with 81% of 16-24 year olds doing any activity in the last year, compared to 36% for those 65 and older (cf. 57% overall).

Online engagement by Agegroup.png

  • The activity that older people were most likely to have done was watching a live/recorded event (30%).
  • Younger people were particularly more likely to take part in a workshop / discussion/ art project (55% did any of these, cf. 28% overall) and 37% had taken part in an immersive online experience.
  • Black, Asian and Mixed ethnicity groups were also much more likely to have done online activities (78%, 70%, 80% respectively),
  • Families were also more likely to have engaged online (71%).
  • People with disabilities were not noticeably more likely to have done online activities than those not identifying as disabled.
  • Nor were people living in rural areas, compared to urban.

Online Activity by AS Subsegment.png

  • Metroculturals, Experience Seekers and Kaleidoscope Creativity were the most likely Audience Spectrum segments to have taken part in any online arts/heritage activities (72% and 70% respectively).
  • This was especially true for M2, E2, K2 - the younger subsegment in each case.
  • Metroculturals were particularly more likely to have watched an event recording or stream (63% vf. 48% overall).
  • Kaleidoscope Creativity were especially likely to visit an online exhibition (32% vf. 17% overall).
  • Experience Seekers were more likely to take part in an art project through social media (27% cf. 16% overall).

Online activity type by dominant segment.png

Overall, willingness to attend in the wake of the pandemic has continued to recover since Spring 2022, with over half (52%) saying that they are ‘willing to attend’ (and 75% saying they ‘are happy to attend’ or ‘would consider attending with reservations’).

Willingness to attend.png

However, most people expect to attend art forms less in future than they did before the pandemic, rather than more, with the exception being outdoor events.

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