Understand your organisations' diversity and monitor changes over time.

The Audience Agency’s diversity audit can cover all your organisations stakeholders or focus upon particular groups/areas of interest. This evidence will enable you to change your organisations diversity and inclusion strategies and take positive actions.

Stakeholders could include:

  • Audiences/members
  • Employees/freelance staff
  • Volunteers
  • Artists/performers
  • Trustees

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Defining ‘diversity’

The exact characteristics included in the audit will be decided on commission, but will likely include the following protected characteristics:

  • Gender
  • Ethnic origin
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Class background

Where relevant, questioning in these areas will be consistent with national population benchmark data (e.g. Census and ONS) to support contextual analysis and reporting.

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The Audience Agency will create e-surveys for you to share with your different stakeholder groups. If you are collecting audience demographic data in Audience Finder or other bespoke surveys we can include this data in our final overview report.

Surveys will collect quantitative data on the chosen characteristics, and will also encourage qualitative responses on a focused range of areas - for example perceptions of the organisation’s current approach to diversity and equal opportunities, and an open question to collect any feedback we may not have anticipated.

This will ensure respondents can answer in their own words and raise any areas of concerns which they feel the survey does not address.

If you are required to collect data for specific funders, the framework can be devised to ensure that response fields capture required information.

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At the end of the data collection period, The Audience Agency will analyse responses and provide a detailed report including executive summary, commentary, charts, analysis of open responses and population/sector benchmarks.

In this report we'll outline areas your organisation may wish to focus and steps you can take to change.

You can repeat this research annually/bi-annually to check your progress and change.

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